This topic gives you top Chinese songs global that you will truly dive into the melody of them.

Along with the rapid rise of Tik Tok, Chinese songs are being widely known. When it comes to Cpop (Chinese language pop music), there is no authoritative year-end chart. We’re talking about well over a billion people throughout the Chinese territories and beyond. For this top of top Chinese songs global, we include English names and titles with a little info on the songs. 

Talking to the moon (心如止水)- Ice Paper


Top Chinese Songs Global (1)

Opening of this list, we have a very popular pop song on Tik Tok. Music is a universal language itself, you don’t have to understand but you still immersed in the space of it. Sweet vocal combined with sweet melody makes a perfect song to fall asleep to, especially on a summer night.

No reason – Ryan.B, Effie


Top Chinese Songs Global (2)

Secondly is an absolute go-to for top Chinese songs global. No reason is a big hit of Ryan.B, Effie. This song is something that your brain doesn’t understand this but your heart does. When you are particularly sad, when you fall in love, or when you miss the love of the past with dear, No reason is the best fit for you which will definitely make you emotional.

123 Love you (123我爱你)- 新乐尖符


Top Chinese Songs Global (3)

Another Chinese big hit song, 123 Love you is the third song on this list. This beautiful song will remind you of a particular person who you are in the mood for love with or simply make you remember a school love which you used to or never have.

Let’s me show you a big move (放个大招给你看)


Top Chinese Songs Global (4)

Next up to another song from Ryan.B of this list. By combing catchy melody and unique lyrics, Let’s me show you a big move will be the best choice for a gathering with friends

Ya i Ya i Ya (悬溺)- 葛东琪


Top Chinese Songs Global (5)

The part “Yai Yai Ya” used repeatedly in the highlight of this song is really addictive. You wouldn’t get tired of this attractive song, and parody the lyrics every time you listen.

如果的是 – SuperLuckyQi


Top Chinese Songs Global (6)

Moving to the next song of top Chinese songs global, we have Ru Gua De Shi, an old song released in 2005 but still trendy in 2020. The first thing that attracts you to this song is the sweet and emotional voice of Christine Fan. Now, Let’s listen to this song to uplift your spirit after a long day overloaded with work and study.

I’m willing to be by your side (我愿意平凡的陪在你身旁)- 王七七


Top Chinese Songs Global (7)

The genre is pop, as characterized by its upbeat music and simple, down-to-earth lyrics. This song is incredibly popular on Tik Tok. We promise that the minute I heard I’m willing to be by your side, you will be hooked and totally blown away and you will put this song repeated ever since.

Whether you’re in the mood for something, let’s listen to these top Chinese songs global in our list, you will definitely chill it up with these amazing melodies.


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