TeaTube is a free app to play youtube in background iPhone and Android that is popular among users on the Appstore/Google Play. Let me introduce and review the outstanding features of this brilliant music app.

Overview Teatube

TeaTube is a music application that allows users to find, play music sourced from Youtube and create personal playlists, background service,… Include the following main screens:

Teatube - Free app to play Youtube in the background on iPhone (1)

  • Library:

– When you first enter the screen, it will be empty and suggest users to search for videos and links through the Discover Page.

– Once there is data, the screen will change allowing users to find tracks in the library, randomly playing tracks in the library.

  • Playlist Page:

– Includes 2 default playlists: Recent Add section showing newly added songs + Recent Play section showing newly played songs.

– Playlists that users manually add

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  • Discover Page:  Used to introduce hot songs to users including 2 sections:

– Search: When active, it will move to the new screen including the list of trending songs and hot keywords

– Discover: Includes lists of collections that are interesting to the users.

  • Player Page: Display the Music Player after pressing Track, you can minimize it to display on all screens. Some key features of the Music Player:

+ Next

+ Previous

+ Play/Pause

+ Repeat

+ Volume

+ Add to playlist

+ Find lyric

+ Mix equalizer

+ Timmer: Mute timer

+ Share on Social media

  • Setting: Display app information, privacy policy, rate,… In addition there are some features:

– Backup & Restore

– Darkmode

– Add playlist from ID Playlist on Youtube

– Log into Youtube to sync the playlist

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Ourstanding features of Teatube app

Listen to music even when the phone screen is off: The most awesome feature that many iPhone/Android users look for is free app to play youtube in background iPhone/Android. Not only you can just surf Facebook, chat with friends on Massenger,shop online on Amazon, Esty, … but you can also stream music on Youtube normally with TeaTube app.

Abundant music database: You also do not have to think about choosing music because Teatube -a play music in background youtube iPhone/Android app will suggest a series of top Trend songs, hot music, suitable for the mood. Depending on your choice.

Teatube - Free app to play Youtube in the background on iPhone (4)

Lightweight memory capacity, no need to create an account: 47M is not too heavy, is it? Requires iOS 9.0+, compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Even more convenient is that you skip the account creation step, just download and go to the music app. Besides, the interface of this play youtube in background app is quite simple, but still creates a user-friendly feeling, extremely recommended for every users to try.

All are free: Downloading Tea Tube and listening to music is completely FREE. As for whether there is an advertisement or not, I’m not sure. But currently I have not seen any ads show up. This is a great advantage of this application. Totally free and no annoying ads

Here are some reviews of new free app to play youtube in background iPhone/Android – Teatube. Please download and try it out. Thank you for your reading!


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