In this new compilation of the most popular Japanese rock music, we went through best Japanese rock songs and picked the top 20 for you.

Japanese rock music is incredibly unique in sound and style. Enjoying great popularity worldwide, it is the reason for many people to come to Japan or learn Japanese. Since I am a big fan of this rock genre myself, let me introduce to you best Japanese rock songs.

This list also includes some sad Japanese rock songs or Japanese anime rock songs. Hopefully, you will enjoy the songs we listed down.

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Kaikai Kitan – Eve


Wagamama Rakia – Survive

One Day – SPYAIR

Unravel – TK from Ling Tosite Sigure


The Beginning – ONE OK ROCK

Hitohira No Hanabira – Stereopony

Go!!! – FLOW

X-Japan – Art of Life

Versailles – Faith & Decision

Galneryus- Angel of Salvation

We are – ONE OK ROCK

Hitokui – Teddy Bear Pentagon

SPYAIR – Samurai Heart

Revenge – Wanima

TAKE MY HAND – Yoru no Honki Dance

Junboku, Muku de Arou ga – Sukekiyo

Honesty – SHANK

My Hero – Man With A Mission

There are 20 Japanese rock music that you will absolutely love them. Join TeaTube and play these songs on youtube in the background of your phone. 


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