Besides the tragic love stories, the movie soundtrack is also an important element that make up the success of Chinese movies. Today, let’s take a look at our coverage of the best Chinese movie soundtracks. Hope these titles will pique your mood.

Song Liang Liang – Eternal Love Ost

Song Liang Liang is the greatest Chinese movie soundtrack of the 2017 big hit, Eternal Love. The song is a tragic anthem for an intense but obstacle love of 2 protagonists, high goddess Bai Qian and Crown Prince Ye Hua.

I still remember the moment when Bai Qian hurled herself to Zhu Xian’s terrace, leaving behind injustices she had to endure in the Nine Heavens, and then jump followed her is the crown prince, who loves her with all his heart but can’t protect that love. At that heartbreaking scene, Song Liang Liang was played, pushing my emotion (and perhaps all viewers’ emotions) to the climax, and then tears welled up in my eyes. This is probably some kind of personal review, but just listen to this song, you will definitely have the same feeling as mine.

First Encounter – Goodbye My Princess Ost

The first sight is the starting point for a beautiful love, but in some situations, This is also an opening for an angst and painful story. That is what First Encounter, the theme song of tragic love drama, Goodbye My Princess, bring to viewers.
As a fan of tearjerker, you will definitely love this drama in general and First Encounter theme song in particular.

One Glance, Ten Thousand Years – The Little Fairy Ost

The folk tale about the forbidden love of the seventh fairy goddess, daughter of Jade Emperor and Dong Yong, a mortal man is perhaps a part of many people’s childhood memories. The Little Fairy drama is based on the original story to create a TV show that is both humorous but also full of emotion.
One Glance, Ten Thousand Years, one of the popular Chinese songs 2000s, and also The little Fairy theme song expresses two protagonists inmost feelings. Even if they can’t go to the end of the road with the other, even if the time they can be together is just a brief moment, they have never felt regret about their decision.

Unsullied – Ashes Of Love Ost 

“A bottle of white wine, a body covered in dust and ashes
Memories go back and forth spending a life without regret
From spring to autumn. Life comes and goes, is it right to vain
I’m waiting for the flower to return and bloom again, intoxicating me again”

Only those who have gone through chaos can understand what seclusion is. We already have a fate of ten thousand years of solitude, daily eating alone, cultivating alone, reading books alone, going to sleep alone. We have never known the bustle, so how can we understand what loneliness is.
I listened to Unsullied for the first time when I myself didn’t know the movie that made the song famous. I fell in love with this song from the very beginning when Mao Buyi’s tender and rich voice was sung. There is an ineffable loneliness hidden in every lyric, every melody that will make people dwell, and hurt for a nameless sorrow.

Love Like Colored Glass – Love And Redemption Ost 

The song is like the inner voice of Yu Sifeng for Chu Xuanji. Although loving someone with a “lapis heart” is painful and very woesome, both heart and mind are directed at her. Because of her going through 9 reincarnation, also because of her sacrifice everything, just to receive a sincere heart.

This list of best Chinese movie soundtracks, so maybe we will miss out on something. If so, please tell us in the comment section below.


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