Have you ever wondered Are there any good Android alternatives to Musi (Youtube music downloader)? If so, let’s go through our roundup of the best free Musi alternatives for Android to get your question answered.

Musi is a stunning app including a lot of great features to maximize your music streaming. Unfortunately, this app is exclusively fit for iOS devices. However, Android users don’t have to worry about that. Today we will dedicate you to our roundup of Musi alternatives for Android.


Musi alternatives for Android (1)

Are there any good Android alternatives to Musi (Youtube music downloader)? TeaTube maybe the best answer for this question.

Talking about Musi alternatives for Android, we have Teatube, one of the best free apps like Musi app. Teatube plays Youtube in the background, you can listen to music even when your screen is off. The app Home page gives a broad look at all of the main options. Here you will find suggestions based on your history. Moreover, there are no annoying ads and additional charges in the app so users will have a totally free experience and clean interface.

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Lark Player

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Lark Player is a one of best free apps like Musi App, lightweight music and video player that will change the way you watch videos or listen to your favorite songs. A complete video and music player app, it supports music and videos of all the major formats. It will fetch all kinds of saved content on your Android device and will even let you play YouTube music videos as well. There are tons of screen and music controls, making it a must-have music player for Android.

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iHeartRadio offers live streaming of AM/FM radio stations from all over the U.S. If you’re searching for your favorite local station, chances are good that you’ll find it. The app includes everything from pop, country, rock, electronic, and hip-hop, to talk and college stations. From the Live Stations tab, you can browse by city or genre, or look at a list of only stations that are located near you. The Talk Radio section also presents options including News and Talk, Public Radio, and Sports stations. While you’re listening to a live station, you can hit the scan button to have the app jump to a similar offering, even from other parts of the country. Think of this as a more targeted version of the Scan button on your car stereo.

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Musicolet Music Player

Musi alternatives for Android (4)

This is a simple, light, and powerful music app with all the essential music playing features. The app allows you to create and manage Queue while listing songs from another Queue. It is the only mobile application that supports multiple queues, and you can create more than 20 Queue.

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Musi alternatives for Android (5)

The last app on list of Musi alternative for Android is Musicloud. The app is a music streaming application that was created to give you a seamless listing, managing, and syncing music experience. It is one of the best music apps that allow you to easily access your favorite music across all your devices, including Android, iPhone, and Windows, etc. With Musicloud, you can listen to your music with in advanced and powerful media player.

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What app is like Musi? Hopefully, with this post, you will find yourself the best Musi alternatives for Android. 


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