Music makes our lives better in many ways. For having tight sleeping nights, we dedicated you to a list of relaxing music to sleep.

It is not exaggerating when said music is the treatment for any soul. We all need to be cured by gentle melodies after hard working days, especially when talking about easing the sleeping problems. For that reason, we are here as a supporter with our relaxing music to sleep.

Obviously, sleeping is about as individual an experience as we can have. These peaceful and relaxing music aren’t scientifically proven to aid sleep and they might not work for you.

But we suggest you try them and let us know if you have any perfect sleeping songs we should try.


Wonderful U – AGA

Wonderful U is the perfect accompaniment to a restful night’s sleep. Throwing this on just before you turn in and letting it play through the night is a glorious treat for those of us who like a little sound while we drift off.

Close To You – Carpenters

With Karen’s sublime voice and Richard’s virtuosic arrangements, Close to You is a very solid ’70s pop song, it is a great demonstration of why The Carpenters’ success should’ve been no mystery to critics; their music was simple and thoroughly enjoyable, and soft and relaxing music of Close to you in particular is the perfect choice for putting you in a good dream.

Disciples Of Shoyo – Gintama Ost

The world is not a fairy tale, it has both joy and sadness. So, instead of listening to a bright melody at the end of your day, why not choose a sorrowful melody that will make us reflect on life, about every obstacle we went through or will go through. My friend, if you are looking for a heart-touching melody, peaceful and relaxing music before falling into a deep sleeping night, this song is the best fit for you. You don’t need to be a fan of Gintama to understand Disciple of Shoyo. Just put on your heading and feel the tune in your own way. 

Butterfly Prologue Mix – BTS

This song reminiscents me of “The most beautiful moment in life”, which is when we don’t have many things to worry about, is when we all are dreamers, freshers, full of enthusiasts,  and is when our adolescence. The slower pace of the song draws out the emotion and there’s more of an emphasis on the piano melody. BTS’s voice – perfect as always – the slow and straightforward piano movements and the delicate, ultra-sympathetic, atmospheric production has brought me much calm, so I am keeping it in my nocturnal artillery.

Yakusoku – Akie

Sometimes the melody or the beat is enough to understand what the song wants to express. Yakusoku proves that argument perfectly. The song helps bring you to a calmer place and also brings back so many memories of the old days. Get on this song and have some reflection moments before immersing in a beautiful dream.

Ghibli Theme Songs Playlist – Joe Hisaishi

Millions of children – and adults – around the world have experienced the joy of Joe Hisaishi’s music through his nine-film scores for Studio Ghibli, and he holds a special place in my own soul because his melodies comprise some of my first memories of symphonic music as a child. Hisaishi’s compositions are memorable because they tell stories, and his empathetic understanding of characters’ emotions allows him to amplify, through music, even the most simple situations. Like much of the great sleeping music on this list, these repetitions and slow movements make them perfect for drifting off.

Futari No Kimochi – Inuyasha Ost

Sometimes the most simple song would get the most emotional. This piece just strikes a certain emotion of any heart when listening to its melody. It really does feel as if you are in the midst of a dream. It’s both clear and foggy at the same time, beautiful but with an underlying sense of unease.

Hopefully, this list of relaxing music to sleep has provided you with a start to craft your own playlist. Good luck, enjoying these songs on TeaTube, and sleep tight.


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