We have the best songs for kids to freshen up your family playlist. Get ready to add these songs to your playlist.

Looking to update your family playlist? Our list of the best songs for kids has so many songs for kids to sing.

Do you want to build a snowman?

Firstly, we have a song from Disney’s 2013 animated feature film, Frozen. It is sung by Anna at three different ages: five, nine, and fifteen. The song captures three different moments at which Anna tries and fails to persuade Elsa to spend time with her – as children, teenagers, and adults. Within the film, the last of these moments occurs after the sisters’ parents have died at sea in a storm. This song is a truly heartwarming song for any kids.

The ABC song

Secondly, this is where it all begins, the ABC song. This song helps children to sing and learn the alphabet and read letters from A-Z. Young children can sing along to the simple song and learn new phonic sounds and letters at the same time.

We are the dinosaurs

Young kids love the strong beat of this song and the chance to act out the lyrics and pretend to be little dinosaurs; parents like the tune, which holds up even after 20,000 listens.

Baby sharks

Whether or not you have children in your life, it may seem like the “Baby Shark” song is everywhere. Not only did the infectious bop about a family of toothy fish make it onto the chart, putting it in league with a very short list of children’s songs throughout history. If you’ve never heard of “Baby Shark” and have no idea what I’m talking about, you’re in for a treat, albeit a ridiculously addictive one.

Let it go

Another Frozen theme song which absolutely go-for of this list, Let it go. The Queen of the cold melted hearts everywhere with her emotional hit, “Let It Go,” which details the struggles she faces with her icy powers but this song will always hold a special place in our hearts.


Shiny” is a song from Disney’s 2016 animated film, Moana. It is sung by Tamatoa and features the giant crab capturing and gloating to protagonists Moana and Maui, who came to find Maui’s magical fishhook. This song is pretty awesome and catchy, especially for your kids.

We present to you our list of best songs for kids. Do you have your own list? Please share and comment in the section below.


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