Streaming music is great, but it can become a drag if you don’t have an internet connection, such as on a plane or if you have limited mobile data. Check out these great free music apps for iPhone without Wifi.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music – One of the best free music apps for iPhone without Wifi. Powered by Google, it offers you thousands of playlists. It offers you the modern online music playback. Google play music allows buying music from its store and can listen offline when you want. It is one of the most downloaded apps. It’s worth checking out.

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Google play music allows you with offline playback that is if you don’t have any internet connection or Wi-Fi service you can listen to your downloaded songs anywhere you want. One of the main advantages of this app is you can download as many songs as you want. It does not limit you to download songs. It offers you high audio quality which is very impressive to most of the user. You can manually set the audio quality to low, average or high according to your wish. The audio quality is enough good compared to other music apps.


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What is the best free music app for iPhone without WIFI? SoundCloud is now considered as the world’s largest and best audio streaming platform where you can connect to your favorite artist and discover to new incredible music. When you are offline you can take your collection everywhere you want.Let us see what more amazing features SoundCloud provide us. The station feature will offer the user to endlessly stream your favorite songs. Through the station feature the SoundCloud promotes more talents and of course, this is a good way to discover new artist and their songs. You can share your own station with your friends. Another exciting feature of this app is you can share your own recordings and let others download the song offline if you want.


TeaTube is a free app to play youtube in background Android & iPhone that is popular among users on the Google Play/Appstore. Teatube allows you to use different apps and listen to music pieces at the same time. But that’s not all! Thanks to this app, you can easily find coll new tracks and bands in a couple of taps. Just go to Discover Page and get tons of great tracks for any liking by search bar. Additionally, this app also has Playlist Page. This section showing newly added songs + Recent Play section showing newly played songs. Player Page displays the Music Player after pressing Track, you can minimize it to display on all screens.

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Additonally, downloading Tea Tube apk and listening to music is completely FREE. As for whether there is an advertisement or not, I’m not sure. But currently I have not seen any ads show up. This is a great advantage of free music apps. Totally free and no annoying ads

Amazon Music

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Amazon Music is a fairly standard music streaming app, with all of the options other apps have. You can use it for free in some countries, but if you’re looking for offline listening, you’ll have to be an Amazon Prime member, at the cost of a monthly subscription.On it, you’ll find more than 50 million songs and if you’re into Indian music you’ll love the fact that there are many Hindi artists available through this app.


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Evermusic good music downloader tool for iPhone makes it easy to create your own music collection using all the popular cloud services. Downloading is possible from a large catalog of music, where everyone will find something interesting to their liking. An important feature of the application is an intuitive interface that even an inexperienced mobile user will learn at a glance. The design of the application is at a high level, and the developers have tried in all, even the smallest aspects, to provide the user with the perfect space to interact with music. This is one of good apps to listen to music without wifi on iPhone is available for almost all iOS platform versions.


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MusicSense offers music streaming like a lot of another good apps to listen to music without wifi on iPhone. Users value a powerful and smart recommendation system that avoids searching for new music. It’s enough to attach the profile in the application to social networks, and a quick analysis of the profile will allow you to configure the recommendation system. All music is represented in large quantities and is available free of charge without restrictions. If necessary, tracks can be downloaded to listen offline like for all free music apps for iPhone without wifi.

Here are some reviews of best free music apps for iPhone without wifi. Please download and try it out. Thank you for your reading!


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