A lot of folks these days have transferred to some sort of music streaming service like Pandora, Spotify, Google Play Music, or Apple Music. However, there are those of us left that hang on to our collection of media because streaming isn’t quite good enough yet. If you have your own music collection and the stock music player isn’t doing it for you, then here are our picks for the best free music streaming app for Android.


Top 5 best free music player app for Android in 2020 (1)

AIMP is a best free music streaming app for Android. It supports most common music file types, including mainstays like FLAC, MP3, MP4, and others. You also get a host of customization options, theming, and other fun stuff like that. The app has a simple UI and we had no problems getting around and listening to music. It keeps it simple with a decent Material Design interface. We also appreciated its outstanding equalizer, HTTP live streaming, and volume normalization. It’s definitely a step up from most basic music player apps. There is also a desktop version in case you want to kill two birds with a single app.


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Musicolet is a no-BS music player app. It has a lot of desirable features, including many that you don’ often associate with music player apps. That includes a truly offline experience, a lightweight UI, and small APK size. Additionally, the app features multiple queues (another rarity), an equalizer, a tag editor, support for embedded lyrics, widgets, folder browsing, and more. Its no nonsense approach is refreshing. This is a great option for people who just want a music player that plays music without a ton of extra stuff. It’s also completely free with no in-app purchases and, because of its lack of Internet access, no advertising.


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TeaTube is a free app to play youtube in background Android & iPhone that is popular among users on the Google Play/Appstore. Teatube allows you to use different apps and listen to music pieces at the same time. But that’s not all! Thanks to this app, you can easily find coll new tracks and bands in a couple of taps. Just go to Discover Page and get tons of great tracks for any liking by search bar. Additionally, this app also has Playlist Page. This section showing newly added songs + Recent Play section showing newly played songs. Player Page displays the Music Player after pressing Track, you can minimize it to display on all screens. Some key features of the Music Player such as: Next, Previous, Play/Pause, Repeat, Add to playlist, Find lyric, Mix equalizer, Timmer: Mute timer, Share on Social media,…

Additonally, downloading Tea Tube apk and listening to music is completely FREE. As for whether there is an advertisement or not, I’m not sure. But currently I have not seen any ads show up. This is a great advantage of free music apps. Totally free and no annoying ads

Pulsar Music Player

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Being completely free and light-weight, Pulsar is one of the most preferred free Android music player apps among many users. It is ad-free and simple yet beautifully designed with gorgeous user interface and animation. You can even customize the interface with different color themes. Pulsar’s library view can be sorted by album, artist, genre or folders.Further, the app offers all the other features like gapless playback, home-screen widget, built-in tag editor, a 5-band equalizer(available in pro version), last.fm scrobbling and more. Although Pulsar is tiny, it’s one of the best music players for Android which you can check out.

Media Monkey

Top 5 best free music player app for Android in 2020 ()

MediaMonkey Standard offers plenty of ways to enjoy your favorite tunes, but its default layout isn’t very easy on the eyes. Luckily, you can customize that and just about every other inch of this powerful music player. That, combined with the built-in streaming radio and other nifty features, make it one of the best free media players on the market.

MediaMonkey is a feature loaded Android music player app. Its library can be browsed according to albums, audiobooks, podcasts, artists, tracks, genres, and even composers. The folder view is available for a trial period of 15 days. Its search algorithm is fast and predictively displays both artist and tracks. Additional features include, but not limited to, sleep timer, tag editor, and home-screen widgets. It is one of the best music players for Android that can cater to your needs.

Here are some reviews of best free music player app for Android. Please download and try it out. Thank you for your reading!


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